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Το Μικρό Χωριό Μας (Our Little Village)

"Welcome to the Historical Little Village"

This quaint and beautiful village, nestled between the Καλιακούδα (Kaliakouda) and Χελιδώνα (Xelidona) mountains in the Ευρυτανία (Evrytania) province of Greece, has quite a remarkable history. On January 13, 1963, a landslide destroyed half of the village and claimed 13 lives. Shortly thereafter, a new "Little Village" was built only several kilometers away from the original village. To this day, the villages are differentiated by being referred to as either "Το Παλαίο" (The Old) or "Το Νέο" (The New). Both of these villages, The Old and The New, are very near and dear to our hearts, both mine and my daughter Maria's. I have been very fortunate to have visited Greece all throughout my life, nearly every summer. Since my daughter was only one year old, she has been able to experience this wonderful place as well.

For an English assignment in ninth grade, Maria's class was asked to write a poem about a place they love, inspired by a Robert Frost piece. The place that immediately came to her mind was Μικρό Χωριό. It was her goal to try and capture how dear the village is to her, and how much she absolutely loves it. Maria dedicated the poem to her Papou, my father, with whom she was able to spend those summers in Greece. She has the fondest memories of sitting on the back porch with him, cracking walnuts, drinking Fanta Πορτοκαλάδα (Orangeade), listening to the symphony of crickets chirping and birds calling, lounging in the hammock, and taking in the stunning view of the surrounding mountains, something she vows she never did and never could get tired of.

Our love of Μικρό Χωριό and these amazing memories we have of visiting there greatly inspire the items we carry in our shop. One of our favorite kitchen towels features the design "It Takes a Χωριό", and our collection of miniature porcelain churches and buildings is affectionately named after our beloved "Little Village" in the mountains. 



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